Modern services

Refurbishing and Restoration of Furniture

We all have that piece of possession that means something extra special. Whatever it might be we just can’t let go of it irrespective of time and trends. Unlike most products, the durability of furniture is dependent on quality. A piece of quality furniture can never be useless. Reason being that once the exterior beauty is lost it can always be refurbished and restored. In an era of substandard wood and furniture it is now regarded as a risk to refurbish an old piece of furniture rather than purchasing a new one. But with us, because we know that our esteemed customers are of a different class, we make sure that we produce furniture to meet up with international quality and standards so if a customer can’t afford to buy a new furniture or has a special attachment to a particular furniture we will refurbish and restore the furniture to meet the trend and standard of a new furniture.

Real Leather Settees

Because we know that rest is an integral part of your daily activities we make sure that our settees are long and comfortable enough to relax you. Our special leather settees are well structured with quality wooden skeletal frames that guarantee durability. We also make sure we use only quality genuine Italian leather. With our leather settees you are sure of comfort, quality and durability.

Fabric Settees

Just like our Real Leather Settees, Our Fabric Settees are designed with comfort in mind. Made with Durable wood and the most sophisticated original fabric and foam, our Fabric Settees are just what you need to add that extra flavor to the look of your living Room. The Fabrics are also easy to clean and maintain for durability sake. Built by well trained Professional carpenters and interior designers, we guaranty you class, comfort and Quality with our Fabric Settees